• Allegro MicroSystems Inc

  • Allegro MicroSystems, LLC is a leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing high-performance semiconductors. Allegro's innovative solutions serve high-growth applications within the automotive market, with additional focus on office automation, industrial, and consumer/communications solutions.
    Allegro is headquartered in Worcester, Massachusetts (USA) with design, applications, and sales support centers located worldwide.
    Allegro develops integrated circuit solutions focused on motor control, regulation, and magnetic field sensing applications. We provide highly integrated mixed-signal ICs, adding more components and greater functionality. Allegro's line has extensive product breadth and depth, with standard "plug and play" products.
    • Market leading Hall-effect sensor IC manufacturer with a broad portfolio of innovative solutions focused on the automotive market space
    • Customized packaging solutions that incorporate magnetic circuits to simplify applications issues
    • System-On-Chip power IC capability incorporating multiple power drivers, regulators, and control logic functions
    • Proprietary BCD (Bi-polar,CMOS, DMOS) and BiCMOS wafer process technology that allows the merging of dense digital circuitry with power and or magnetic sensing structures
  • AIC

  • 沛亨半導體為台灣第一家專業之類比 IC fabless公司,成立於1992年,致力於類比 IC 產品之研發、設計、測試及行銷。憑藉著誠信的經營理念、專業創新的設計團隊、高品質水準的 IC 產品,沛亨迅速擠身亞太地區類比 IC 之領導品牌,並且榮獲國家磐石獎殊榮,成為電源管理應用領域的領導供應商及客戶的最佳設計伙伴。
    沛亨提供客戶全方位的電源管理解決方案,不論是Regulator、Converter、Power Switch或是LED Driver、Battery Management等,產品線多樣、規格齊全,並以品質優異、性能穩定著稱。沛亨IC常見於全球知名大廠之產品及3C應用領域,如LCD TV、DSC、Mobile Phone、MP3、PMP等。

    Analog Integrations Corporation (AIC) began operations in January 1992 and is a fabless IC company exclusively devoted to designing, testing, and marketing analog integrated circuits. After successfully winning a sound reputation for excellence, quality, and customer responsiveness, AIC has quickly emerged as a leading manufacturer of analog integrated circuits in the Pacific Rim. The Taiwanese government bestowed the "National Award of Small and Medium Enterprises" upon AIC for its management excellence and dedication to innovation. AIC aspires to become a major supplier of cost-effective and high performance analog integrated circuits for diversified power management applications.
    AIC provides total power solutions with broad product lines of various specifications. This includes regulators, DC/DC converters, power switches, LED drivers, battery management, etc. for 3C applications such as LCD TV, DSC, Mobile Phone, MP3, PMP, and etc.
  • DTI

  • 「達鑫電子」為LED照明領域的IC設計公司。

    DASHINGTEK INC. (DTI) is a design house that is specialized in LED Lighting IC design.
    We dedicated to designing, testing, and marketing of LED driver IC.
    With an extensively experienced RD team committed to continuous innovation and improvement, DTI has been granted many patents internationally and domestically and offers superior technical consulting, total solution, customized design for your applications.
    Our exceptionally knowledgeable technical support team is dedicated to serving you with effective and direct communication and quick answers.
    Our expertise and prompt support resulting in cost-effective designs will allow you to enhance your competitiveness.
  • Dioo

  • Dioo Microcircuits Co,. LTD is a global vendor, designing and producing high performance power analog and mixed signal IC. Dioo R&D team has more than 10-year experience of mixed signal IC product engineering and provides our customer with total solutions including consumer electronics, medical devices and industrial sensor. Dioo is ISO9001 certificated.
    Our primary product profile: USB2.0/3.0 interface IC, low power low noise op-amp, power management IC, LED lighting and HD audio and video signal conditioning IC. With the spirit of innovation and diligence, Dioo has expanded very fast recently, listed as top 3 fabless design houses by EE Times under Global Sourcing.
    Under the new global strategy, Dioo is becoming the main analog solution vendor in world-wide consumer segment, offering more and more application specific solutions to fast-growing smart TV, OTT/STB, mobile phones and network product applications.
  • Diofit

  • 工廠於2010年設立,專營二極體的SMD系列托工封裝多年,終端客戶包含許多歐、美、日大廠,品質系統方面亦通過ISO 9001認證,我們有充分的把握提供客戶專業且品質優良的服務。

    Our factory was established in 2010, focus on SMD series packaging OEM service, our end customer includes many EU、US、Japan company, besides, the factory was certified by ISO 9001 quality system, we have strong confidence to provide professional service and product with best quality.
    In response to market demand, we make production and marketing independently, create our own brand "DIOFIT", set the sales office in Taiwan, keep providing customer the product with best quality and reliability.
  • ENE

  • 迅杰科技股份有限公司是專業的積體電路設計公司,成立於1998年,秉持著「迅速」&「傑出」的經營哲學,致力於提供迅速的服務與傑出的產品,以滿足客戶 的需求。

    Express & Excellence- is WHO we are, HOW we are and WHAT we are. ENE is a professional integrated IC design house established in 1998. Since then, it has been our primary goal to serve customers up to the maximum satisfaction with excellent products and expeditious services.
    ENE specializes in IC R&D, sales and services for notebook computers, mobile devices and other Information Appliance (IA) products. We believe that the true value of a company lies in successfully fulfilling customers' needs. With experienced R&D team and professional management, ENE is known for competitive, innovative and quality products and services. As a result, ENE has established seamlessly corporative relationship with our customers over the years and it is unquestionably essential for future product development and financial growth.
    It is our ultimate goal to be the most efficient, effective and supportive IC partner and a worldwide leading brand in the market. With confidence and pride, ENE absolutely can be the best partner for customers. To be with us can help you efficiently provide brilliant products and services.
  • Fudan Micro

  • 上海復旦微電子集團股份有限公司是中國從事超大規模集成電路的設計、開發和提供系統解決方案的專業公司。

    Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter FMSH) is one of the leading companies specialized in the design and development of ASIC and the provision of total solutions in China.
    In July 1998, Shanghai Commercial Investment Company, ASIC & System State-Key Laboratory of Fudan University and a group of founders with dreams and pioneer spirits established FMSH. Since then, FMSH has successfully taken a dominant position of the ASIC industry in China. FMSH went public in Hong Kong Growing Enterprise Market on August 4th, 2000(stock code: 8102), being the first listed IC design company from mainland China. On January 8th, 2014, the enterprise transferred of listing from GEM to Main Board(stock code: 1385).
  • Forward

  • 福華電子股份有限公司創立於1970年,總部設於台灣,是一個具有整合及專業研發與製造能力的公司。從公司草創時期以電視調諧器和精密電子零組件為主要的產品開始,福華已經逐漸發展成為一個提供多樣化產品與服務的公司。
    現今,我們的產品主要針對光電、資訊、消費性電子、通訊產業、LED照明產業及汽車電子之需求而開發,以順應市場的趨勢和擴大營 業的版圖。此外,福華的品質管理系統也隨著通過 ISO-9001、ISO-14001、ISO/TS-16949、OHSAS 18001的認證而獲得國際性的肯定。

    Established in 1970, Forward Electronics Co., LTD. is an integrated and professional company with capability in R&D & manufacturing and is headquartered in Taiwan. At the beginning, the main products were TV tuners and electronic precision components, Forward has steadily grown into a company with diversified portfolio of products and services.
    To meet market trends and expand our business scope, our products are developed to follow demands of industries such as optoelectronics, information applications, consumer electronics, communications, LED lighting, and automotive electronics. In addition, the quality management system of Forward is also internationally recognized such as ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO/TS-16949, and OHSAS 18001 standards.

  • 登豐微電子成立於2007年,是一家專業電源管理IC設計公司,主要產品包括線性穩壓IC、PWM控制IC,電池保護 IC及照明裝置驅動IC。知名功率元件供應商NIKO-SEM微電子集團為登豐微電子的策略夥伴。登豐微電子主要產品包括線性穩壓IC、PWM控制IC,電池保護 IC及照明裝置驅動IC。
    登豐微電子專注在電源管理領域發展,以客戶需求為導向。全力實現可靠,創新、高效率,低成本以及完整的電源管理解決方案以增進客戶產品的價值。並期許能成為全球主要的電源管理 IC 的供應廠商。

    Established in 2007, Green Solution Technology Co., Ltd. (GStek) is a professional Power Management IC design company. NIKO-SEM Group is a leader in power IC design company, it is a strategic partner of GStek.
    GStek’s core products include Linear Regulator, PWM Control IC, Battery Protection IC and Driver IC for Illumination Apparatus. The products are widely applied in the fields of Mobile Computing Device, Motherboard, VGA Card, LCD Display Apparatus, Power Supply, Network Communication Apparatus, Battery Module and Energy Saving Lighting.
    GStek focuses on the power management field and provides customer-driven services. For enhancing customers’ product value, GStek further devotes to provide Power Management Total Solution with High-Reliability, Innovation, High-Efficiency, Cost-Effective. GStek’s vision is to become the global Power Management IC design company.
  • HTC

  • 韓國泰進技術股份有限公司成立於2000年,HTC KOREA為我們的品牌。公司致力於Linear IC產品的研發及生產,力求做到多元化而擁有世界領先技術的製造商之一。

    TAEJIN Technology Co., Ltd was incorporated in 2000 with aim of becoming the world leader in Power Management IC industry. The brand name "HTC Korea" was created by TAEJIN Technology to meet customer's goal by using highly diversified R&D technology.
    HTC Korea is well-known for its high-quality products in the Asian market and targets three major sectors: Communication, Consumer, and Computer.
    HTC Korea has been promoting its products in cooperation with world-wide sales partners in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and India.
    HTC Korea operates through quality policy which is authenticated by Korea’s ISO 9001, and observes corporate ethics and environmental responsibility. All HTC products are manufactured under the system authenticated by ISO14001, and are complied with RoHS directives.

  • 上海華虹摯芯電子科技有限公司,原上海華虹電子進出口有限公司,於2012年9月27日經上海市工商行政管理局浦東新區分局准予變更為上海華虹摯芯電子科技有限公司,簡稱華虹摯芯。

  • 杰華特微電子有限公司是一家美商企業。傑華特致力於電源管理芯片的研究,為電力、通信、電動汽車等行業用戶提供眾多先進、可靠、系統的解決方案與產品服務。公司擁有三個核心優勢: 創新的系統技術,經驗豐富的芯片設計,核心的半導體工藝。
  • Leadchip

  • 上海嶺芯微電子有限公司的前身是上海貝嶺的先進電源事業部。張征等華虹集團最優秀的工藝工程師團隊結合貝嶺的設計和生產線在2003年11月成立了該事業部。 2005年末開始,由美國矽谷等地回國的一個頂尖的電源管理團隊開始與貝嶺接觸,並於2006年與貝嶺簽署了孵化協議。孵化條件比原計劃提前兩年實現,嶺芯於2007年11月21日正式註冊。
    貝嶺出身於通訊行業,有嚴格的質量保證體系。嶺芯的產品通過這一體系考核已廣泛地用於包括華為、西門子、華碩、富士康、偉易達等國內外知名客戶的不同產品。每個著名客戶的月出貨量多在100-500萬顆之間。先進電源事業部自成立以來產值年年翻番,2008 年產值已突破1.3億元,2009年9月更創造了單月出貨6000萬顆的新記錄。

  • Maxim Integrated Products delivers innovative analog and mixed-signal engineering solutions used in a wide variety of microprocessor-based electronics equipment. Maxim product offerings include data converters, semiconductors, interface circuits, RF wireless circuits, clocks and oscillators, microcontrollers(MCUs), operational amplifiers (op amps), sensors, and more. Maxim products are used in a wide variety of microprocessor-based electronics equipment. A sampling of the applications for Maxim circuits includes consumer electronics, personal computers and peripherals, handheld electronics, wireless and fiber communications, test equipment, instrumentation, video displays, and automotive applications.
  • NXP Semiconductors

  • NXP Semiconductors provides High Performance Mixed Signal and Standard Product solutions that leverage its leading RF, Analog, Power Management, Interface, Security, and Digital Processing expertise. These innovations are used in a wide range of automotive, identification, wireless infrastructure, lighting, industrial, mobile, consumer and computing applications. Headquartered in Europe, NXP Semiconductors has approximately 28,000 employees working in more than 25 countries and posted sales of USD 3.8 billion in 2009.
  • QXMD

  • 泉芯電子技術(深圳)有限公司成立於2005年,是一家專注於模擬和射頻集成電路設計和開發的高新科技企業。主要由歐美IC行業資深的“海歸”留學人員共同創建,創建者們曾在國內外著名大學取得博士,碩士學位,並在歐美著名IC公司從事集成電路設計多年,具有深厚的理論知識和豐富的實踐經驗。泉芯電子主要從事電源管理、LED照明和顯示驅動、無線通訊、高速數據接口、光纖通訊等模擬和射頻集成電路產品的設計和開發,同時提供專用集成電路(ASIC)的設計服務和集成電路應用解決方案的推廣。我們立志以精益求精的科學態度,以一流的產品,一流的管理,一流的服務爭創世界一流企業,我們的理念是:誠實守信。團結協作,敬業奉獻,勇於創新!

    QX Micro Devices Co., LTD is an advanced technology startup that specializes in analog and RF (radio frequency) integrated circuit design and development. The company was founded in 2005 by experienced professionals in European and American IC fields who later returned to China. The founders hold master’s and doctoral degrees from renowned universities both abroad and at home, and possess rich and valuable theoretical as well as applicational knowledge from years of experience at distinguished firms in Europe and America. QXMD focuses on developing LED lighting and display drivers, along with power management, wireless communication, high speed data transmission and fibre communication IC products, etc. At the same time, we provide application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) development services and circuit operation solution programs.

  • Semtron Microtech 成立於2005年,是集中出口半導體設備及部份零件,然而Semtron 逐漸轉型為材料與零件銷售。在2008年,由於市場需求,台灣成立子公司專門負責設計/發展半導體裝置,像是電晶體、MOSFET,兩極管和積體電路設計。

    Semtron Microtech was formed in 2005 and the business was concentrated in exporting semiconductor equipment and parts at that time. Since then, semtron has gradually transformed into material and components sales. In 2008, due to the market demand, has formed a subsidiary in Taiwan to design/develop semiconductor devices, such as Transistors, MOSFET, Diodes and IC design.
  • STMicroelectronics

  • STMicroelectronics is a global independent semiconductor company and a leader in developing and delivering semiconductor solutions across the spectrum of microelectronics applications. An unrivaled combination of silicon and system expertise, manufacturing strength, Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio, and strategic partners positions, STMicroelectronics is at the forefront of System-on-Chip (SoC) technology and its products play a key role in enabling today's convergence trends.
  • Texas Instruments

  • Texas Instruments Incorporated designs and manufactures analog technologies, digital signal processing (DSP) and microcontroller (MCU) semiconductors. TI is a leader in semiconductor solutions for analog and digital embedded and applications processing. A global semiconductor company, TI innovates through design, sales and manufacturing operations in more than 30 countries.

  • 通泰積體電路股份有限公司成立於1986 年10月,專精於消費性電子產品的IC設計,是一家擁有一群設計經驗豐富且具備專業知識以及創新能力之研發人才的高科技股票上櫃公司。
    歷經多年來的研究與開發,通泰公司的研發成果相當豐碩,產品應用的範圍廣泛地涵蓋於觸摸開關(Touch Pad)、影音多媒體、綠色節能、健康醫療、3C家電與週邊…等等,為你我生活上息息相關的民生必需品,為你我帶來生活上舒適、便利的享受。

    Tontek Design Technology Ltd. is established from the Oct. 1986, the GreTai Securities Market listed company, which specially designs the electronic products of consumer, a high technical company which have a group of persons own plentiful design experience, professional knowledge and creative abilities.
    For years of research and development, Tontek’s products are quite plenty, the applications of products are extensively be used to control of touch dimmer, thermometer, clinical thermometer, calculator, LCD controller, camera, image and sound effects, infrared remote controller, PIR controller….etc, the necessaries of people’s livelihood which so closely linked to you and me, and bring us the enjoyment of comfortable and convenient life.
    Tontek always does his utmost to improve the technical levels of R&D and to upgrade the competitive ability of products. In recent years, Tontek elaborately develop series of MCU products which provide our customers more complete and more various kinds of products.
    Tontek's consistently mission holds in hand is to satisfy the customers in need of diversified applications, to service them with good quality, and to create them the plentiful profit.